City of Lenoir City

Codes Enforcement Property Maintenance

The City of Lenoir city has adopted the 2006 International Property Maintenance Code ( This code applies to all existing dwellings, buildings, and grounds they are attached to.

It should be the goal of every resident and property owner in the city to maintain the properties to keep the city looking good.

The Codes Enforcement Department also enforces certain Titles and Chapters of the Municipal Code.

  • Title 10 Chapter 1, 10-101, 10-102, 10-103, and 10-105
  • Title 13 Except Chapter 4
  • Title 16 Chapter 1, 16-102, 16-103, 16-104, 16-105, 16-106, 16-107, 16-108, and 16-109.

To report a suspected code violation, please call 865-986-9876 or use the following form.

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