City of Lenoir City

City Council

The government of Lenoir City is based upon the Mayor-Alderman form of government. This form of government was established in 1907 when the City was re-incorporated into what is now known as the modern City of Lenoir City.

The City is governed by a seven-member Board of Mayor and Aldermen, elected at-large and on a non-partisan basis for four-year staggered terms. Elections are held in November, the first Tuesday of the month, during even-numbered years.

Lenoir City Council

The current board of Mayor and Aldermen is composed of the following: Mayor: Tony R. Aikens, Council members: Todd Kennedy, James Brandon, Mike Henline, Jim Shields, Eddie Simpson, and Jennifer Wampler.

Tony Aikens


Todd Kennedy

Council Member

James Brandon

Council Member

Mike Henline

Council Member

Jim Shields


Eddie Simpson

Council Member

Jennifer Wampler

Council Member